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Child Support Archives

Potential issues with the child support system

Child support collection was first established in 1975, and it was designed to collect court-ordered child support that hadn't been paid. Although the current and previous system work on the same principle, the circumstances for parents and children today in Florida and across the nation are very different from when the collection system was created.

DMX laughs off paternity suit against another man for his child

In a twist that might interest some Florida residents, rapper DMX joked about another man whose name is also Earl Simmons receiving an order for paternity testing from the child's mother. DMX, who recently served a prison sentence for failing to pay child support in a separate child support case, said he is in no great hurry to clear up the current matter.

Modifying child support

There may be parents in Florida who can benefit from understanding more about the jurisdictional requirements for modifying an existing child support order. The economic status of either spouse can change significantly by the time a divorce proceeding is finalized. Child support orders based on outdated information may be debilitating for anyone who has suffered a financial downturn. However, filing in the appropriate state with the jurisdiction to modify an existing order may be the most crucial issue at hand.

Halle Berry argues for lower child support payments to her ex

Florida movie fans may recall actress Halle Berry's child custody battle with her ex-boyfriend. Berry was ordered to pay child support to the father of her now 7-year-old daughter. The two parents were back in court on July 14, as Berry is seeking a reduction of her monthly child support payments.

Woman receives child support for only 1 twin

Floridians may be interested to learn about a rare legal case that recently happened in New Jersey. A woman had filed a petition for child support in which she named one man. Upon DNA testing, it was revealed that the man had fathered only one of her twins, meaning she was impregnated by two different men.

States resorting to jail to collect child support

Florida and other states grapple with the problem of delinquent child support. Collecting child support helps custodial parents and helps the states by reducing the need for public assistance for parents who depend upon the timely receipt of the court-ordered payments.

Seeking child support from Social Security benefits

In many Florida divorce cases where the couple has children, the parent who is awarded physical custody will be the beneficiary of a child support order to help them provide financially for the child. While some non-custodial parents cannot pay due to their own economic hardships, others just refuse to pay altogether. In some cases, custodial parents may have the option of seeking their child support from the non-custodial parent's other assets, including Social Security.

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