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Paternity Archives

Establishing paternity in Florida

When a child is born, there are four ways to categorize the father. First, the child may be born to parents out of wedlock, but the biological father acknowledges his parentage. He is now known as the acknowledged father and is required to pay child support. Even if no one acknowledges that he is the father of a child, there are criteria under which a man may be presumed to fill this role.

Masika Kalysha announces pregnancy

Florida residents who are fans of the television show 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" may have heard about the pregnancy of star Masika Kalysha. She recently announced on her Instagram page that she was six months pregnant. Though Kalysha says that her child's father is rapper Fetty Wap, Wap reportedly wants a paternity test to confirm that the baby is his.

Man with same name as rapper caught up in paternity action

A paternity dispute in Florida can cause problems for all of the participants. Until it is settled, there can be multiple disagreements over fathers' rights, child support and custody. In some cases, there can be mistakes made, muddling the situation even further. Such a thing occurred with a man who happens to share the same real name as the rapper DMX.

Paternity test results vary depending on type

When a child's paternity is in question, parents often turn to a paternity test to establish who is the father of the child. Many people understand that paternity tests are an acceptable method for determining paternity in the Florida legal system. There are two types of paternity testing that can be used to either establish or exclude paternity. Knowing about each type of test might help people facing a paternity issue decide which is appropriate.

Florida child custody highlights

Upon the dissolution of a Florida marriage between parents of a dependent child, issues concerning the child's upbringing and support must be resolved. If possible, the parents reach their own agreements and the court approves them. In some cases, though, it is the court that is responsible for determining custody and visitation issues as well as the amount of child support. In all cases, the court bases its decisions in keeping with the best interests of the children and the circumstances of the family.

Basketball player Paul George sues for sole custody

Basketball player Paul George is seeking to move a custody hearing involving a two-month old child to Florida. According to court documents, a prenatal paternity test indicated with 99.9 percent probability that the child is George's daughter. George is seeking additional DNA testing because of misgivings about the methodology used to perform the initial test. If these tests confirm paternity, George will be seeking sole custody of the child.

Married Couples, Infidelity, and Paternity

Under Florida law, a married woman's child is presumed to be the offspring of her husband. However, there are instances in which a married woman can allege that her child is the result of an extramarital affair. This will allow her to maintain an action for paternity and support against the man she was involved with, whether he is married or not. The Fl. Dept. of Revenue will bring suit on her behalf which includes establishing paternity. However DOR is bound by law to follow a special process before requiring the man to submit to a DNA test. The 5th DCA recently issued a ruling that confirms the process the Dept. of Revenue must take in order to maintain a paternity action in situations like the one described above. Privette is the seminal case that lays out the proper procedure to handle situations in which a mother seeks to collect child support from an alleged biological father, instead of her husband (the legal father).

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