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Nix Law, P.A., understands family law from a father's perspective. We understand how it touches your life in a practical, immediate way, and we know how it impacts your life in the long term. When you seek a lawyer to help you with the matters that affect you, you want to know that your lawyer fits you like a glove. Family law is personal and we understand that. We will go to the mat for you when it counts.

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We listen, we advise, we strategize and we execute on your behalf to make sure that you're in the best possible position to move forward and stay strong.

Family Law For Fathers

We handle a vast number of issues for men and fathers in family law matter. You can learn more about:


We are proud to be champions of fathers' rights in the Florida courtrooms. We will represent you in a family law appeal when you believe a ruling was unjustified. You deserve a fair fight, and we will vigorously and passionately defend your rights in court.

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