Sole Custody For Fathers In Orlando

Defending Fathers' Rights

Many fathers assume that the mothers will be granted sole custody by the court in a divorce if that is what the mother wants. Although this might have been true some years ago, this is no longer the case in most instances. However, there is still a bias favoring mothers to a degree. It is important to work with a fathers' rights attorney who will fight to protect your relationship with your child.

At Nix Law, P.A., we provide passionate defense of fathers' rights in divorce, divorce modification and other family law situations throughout central Florida. We believe firmly that a fathers' role in a child's life is critically important, so we want to help you maintain your father-child relationship for years to come. We will fight for you to obtain shared custody or more. In some cases, we have been successful in obtaining sole custody for fathers in Orlando.

What You Need To Know About Sole Custody

There are a number of things we explain to many of our new clients, including:

  1. An unwed mother is presumed to have 100 % time sharing until a petition is filed. Until you establish paternity and fight for your parenting time rights, you will not have these rights as a father.
  2. You can file for 100% time sharing. Just because the child's mother files for 100% time sharing does not guarantee that she will get it. Most of the time, the courts will start at 50/50, and each side gives reasons why this 50/50 presumption should be altered.
  3. Establishing a parenting plan in a divorce decree is very different from modifying the decree after the divorce is finalized. Even if you have a current parenting plan in place, you can always petition the court to modify the decree to better fit a life change, a new job, remarriage or other substantial changes in your life circumstances.
  4. Mediation is required in divorce cases involving child custody and parenting plan matters. It is important to make every effort to resolve your disputes in these mediation sessions, so the matter doesn't need to be brought before the court. As a Supreme Court-certified family law mediator, Mikaela Nix can help you come up with an equitable plan in the mediation.

Emergency Hearings

We also represent clients in guardian ad litem hearings, even in many short-notice situations. We can provide you with longer-term representation for your family law matters or you can hire us for limited representation to handle a contempt of court hearing, emergency pickup or mediation.

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