Dealing With A High-Asset Divorce

Separating your life from that of another person can be both painful and complex. It can also be costly. The actions of a vengeful spouse can take a heavy financial toll if you don't take steps to protect your financial interests. At Nix Law, P.A., in Orlando, we are here to help.

I am lawyer Mikaela Nix. I have dealt with many complex situations in men's divorce, including division of professional practices and other significant assets. As an attorney who is admitted into both family court and tax court, I can also protect you from the tax ramifications of marital property division.

If you are going through a divorce, you have financial interests that need to be protected. If you think a difficult divorce is in your future, it's important to contact an attorney sooner rather than later. Call me at 407-674-0849 to discuss your concerns.

Division Of Significant Assets In Florida

If you own significant assets, it's important to have an attorney negotiate on your behalf. It's easy for emotions to take over when discussing division of significant assets with a spouse, especially if you are already on bad terms.

Florida is known as an equitable division state, but that does not mean that how a judge divides marital property will be fair to you. Here are just a few examples:

  • You may think that a house or other property you owned before your marriage is yours to keep. However, if you refinanced the property and placed your spouse's name on the deed, a Florida judge would think of it as marital property. Your spouse would be entitled to her "equitable" share.
  • If you place money or stock in a joint account, you have commingled it with marital assets. This means that all of the money or stock in the account may be considered marital assets.
  • If you owned a business before your marriage and it increased in value during your marriage, your spouse may own an equitable share of the increase in value.

There are steps you can take to protect your financial interests in a separation or dissolution of marriage. The sooner you discuss your situation with an experienced attorney, the more effectively you can plan.

Contact A Lawyer For Complex Dissolution Of Marriage In Orlando

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