Defense Against Accusations Of Domestic Violence

It's not uncommon for an angry spouse to accuse her partner of spousal abuse to gain the upper hand in a child custody or marital property division dispute. If you are subject to a temporary protection order, it is imperative for you to contact a lawyer immediately. If you fail to get the order lifted, you could be subject to loss of child custody rights, loss of employment and other consequences. You should not attempt to contact your spouse to discuss the order, or you could be charged with a crime.

I am Mikaela Nix, a family law attorney in Orlando. Domestic violence is a politically charged and potentially explosive issue that you don't ever want to see become relevant in your life. If it has become an issue, you need to know where to turn for help. I am here to protect your reputation and your future. We handle both the civil and criminal ramifications of a domestic violence accusation. Call me at 407-674-0849.

Attorney Representing Men Accused Of Domestic Violence In Florida

Unfortunately, men are often treated unfairly when accusations of domestic violence are leveled against them. While the problem of violence in the home is systemic and very real, and when charges are made frivolously or impulsively, your rights can be abused. The damage to your reputation, your job prospects and your relationship with your children can be irreparable.

If you have been served with a protective order, you need to understand the gravity of the situation. Family violence defendants are often ordered to stay away from their house and their children for weeks at a time. Whatever the circumstances, you should never violate a protective order, even if asked to return. Violating a protective or restraining order is a crime, and "I was invited over" is not a defense.

Violence Against Men

Men are victims of domestic violence almost as often as women. We understand how confusing the situation can be and the obstacles men face when attempting to obtain protective orders. We can provide the legal assistance you need to make the process more efficient and effective for you. If you believe that you have been the victim of domestic violence, call Nix Law, P.A., and find out how we can help.

Confidential, Experienced Domestic Violence Representation

If you are the victim of abuse or have been the victim of a false allegation, you need a dedicated attorney who will work diligently to protect your rights. You need an experienced attorney and skilled trial lawyer who can advocate effectively on your behalf.

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