Violating Custody And Support Orders

Violating Custody And Support Orders Leads To Trouble

Court-ordered divorce decrees are tantamount to a contract. Like any other contract, violating the conditions set forth in them leads to legal trouble. If your ex-spouse violates any term of the divorce decree, you may file a motion for contempt of court. Likewise, if you violate terms, you can be held in contempt of court. The two most common violations of court orders following a divorce relate to child support and time-sharing agreements.

Child Support On Time

The state of Florida expects parents to pay child support on time, every time. Whether you are a mother or a father paying child support, you are subject to penalties when you fail to do so.

Failure to pay child support can be sanctioned in a number of ways:

  • Your driver's license, your CDL, your professional license, or your hunting and fishing licenses can be revoked
  • Your assets can be seized
  • Your wages can be garnished
  • A lien can be put on your home, car, boat, etc.
  • You can be arrested and, ultimately, put in jail

Nix Law, P.A., can help parents enforce court orders and also help them avoid contempt by obtaining modifications to the original orders.

Contempt For Failure To Honor Time-Sharing Agreements

Likewise, when you are denied your time with the children, the child's mother can be held in contempt of court. It is up to you to file a motion for contempt.

Your child's mother can be ordered to "make up" the days withheld and to pay your attorney's fees when you must take the matter to court to enforce. She may be ordered to attend a parenting class or perform community service.

Lastly, failure to honor time-sharing agreements may ultimately result in modifications to the time-sharing agreement in your favor.

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