Family Law Appeals Lawyer

Sometimes the judge doesn't get it right. When the error happens in a divorce, child custody or paternity case, the consequences can be both painful and long-lasting. Before you resign yourself to living with a court judgment or order that you think is wrong, contact our law office to discuss the possibility of an appeal.

Mikaela Nix is a skilled appellate attorney in Orlando who focuses on cases involving fathers' rights in divorce, paternity, marital property division, and child custody and visitation disputes. Ms. Nix regularly handles family law appeals in the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Florida.

When Can I Request An Appeal?

If you think a judge makes an error in your case, it's important to contact an attorney sooner rather than later. In Florida, you have three legal options, depending on how much time has passed since the court order or judgment:

  • Rehearing: If you act quickly enough, you can request a rehearing of your case. There are specific deadlines depending on whether your case was heard by a general magistrate or a judge.
  • Appeal: You can request an appeal to the district court of appeal within 30 days of your court order or judgment.
  • Motion for release of judgment: If more than 30 days has passed since your court order or judgment, you can file a motion for relief. To be successful, you may be required to prove fraud on the part of your ex.

Appeals are different from trials in that you are not allowed to introduce new evidence. Instead, your lawyer must show thorough existing court records that your judge or magistrate did not follow Florida law.

The appellate court can uphold the existing order or judgment, change it, or send your case back to the trial judge to be reheard. The losing side may have the right to appeal to the decision to the Florida Supreme Court.

Contact A Family Law Appeals Attorney In Orlando

If you think the judge made a mistake or misapplied Florida law in your family law case, contact attorney Mikaela Nix today. To schedule a consultation, call 407-674-0849 or reach out to us online.