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As a father fighting for custody rights, you are in for a battle. In many ways, the courts are still biased toward mothers in parenting plan disputes, and the outcome of a family law case can impact your entire family for many years. It is essential to work with an Orlando fathers' rights lawyer who can help protect your interests and maintain your father-child relationship for years to come.

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At Nix Law, P.A., we focus on representing fathers and defending the rights of fathers in a range of divorce and custody matters. Our founding attorney, Mikaela Nix, is a passionate, skilled advocate for fathers and their children, focusing on personalized legal representation. We will take the time to listen to you, learn about your situation and your goals, and fight for you in mediation and in court to obtain the best results possible.

Myth: In Florida, a father cannot receive custody if he has a criminal record.

This is simply not true. The court will look at many different factors when determining a parenting plan, and we can help you make a case for greater custody. Call 407-674-0849 to talk with an attorney about your rights and options.

At Nix Law, P.A., we defend fathers' rights in contested and uncontested divorces, annulments, adoptions, child custody cases, child support cases and paternity cases. When you are looking for someone to protect your rights as a father, work with Nix Law, P.A.

Parenting Plans

In Florida, the courts use the term "parenting plans" rather than "custody disputes." We can help you establish a parenting plan that will be appropriate for your child, will foster your relationship with your child and will be equitable in the eyes of the court.


If you are an unwed father seeking to exercise your parental rights, it is essential to establish paternity. If paternity is not established, you are not legally considered to be the child's father, so you will have no rights to decision-making or physical custody regarding your child. Once you establish paternity, you will be able to fight for your custody rights and you will be held responsible to contribute to your child's support.

At Nix Law, P.A., we can walk you through the process of establishing paternity and help you fight for your rights as a father.

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Especially as an unwed father, you could be without any rights to custody and decision-making authority regarding your child. Call 407-674-0849 to learn more.

Family Law Mediator

Founding attorney Mikaela Nix is a certified mediator. We can talk with you about all of the possible solutions to your family law matter. In many cases, we can use mediation or another alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method to obtain results in a more efficient, amicable manner.

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