Interference With Child Visitation

Orlando Fathers Can Take Action To Remain Present In Their Children's Lives

The U.S. Supreme Court has said that the custody, care and nurture of a child are fundamental parental rights. The state of Florida has said that frequent and regular contact with each parent is necessary and in the child's best interests. You have a court-sanctioned agreement that says it's your time with the children. And yet, your child's mother has managed to prevent that from happening again. The fact of the matter is that sometimes your rights will not be respected until you enforce them.

Nix Law, P.A., has helped many clients address this much too common problem. Interference with visitation and parental alienation are behaviors that are not only irresponsible and reprehensible, but illegal as well. Neither parent can legally interfere with court-sanctioned agreements for any reason, including failure to pay child support.

When your time with the children is repeatedly disrespected, attorney Mikaela Nix can help you file for enforcement. The court may award "make-up" time, fine the offending parent, order community service or order a change in the parenting plan. Call 407-674-0849 to find out what steps you can take.

What Is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation is the systematic emotional and/or physical estrangement of a child from his or her parent by the other parent. One parent may exclude the target parent by failing to inform him or her of important events in the child's life — educational, social and religious functions, for example. He or she may make negative moral judgments about the target parent's values, lifestyle, choice of friends, career, or financial or relational successes or failures in life. He or she may chronically fail to respect time-sharing or visitation rights.

When one parent nurtures an antagonistic view of the child's other parent, he or she is engaging in a form of parental alienation. In extreme cases, your child may begin to avoid spending time with you or parrot the antagonistic opinions.

What To Do

Most parents faced with parental alienation in a custody dispute or following a divorce don't know what to do about it. They try to wait it out and hope that it will change in time. It doesn't. Nix Law, P.A., can help you pursue a remedy.

Call the offices of Nix Law, P.A., at 407-674-0849 or contact us online when you need a lawyer to help remedy interference with child visitation or parental alienation.