Child Relocation

When She Is Moving

There is nothing more devastating than hearing after a divorce, when time-sharing agreements have been hammered out and child support established, that the mother of your children wants to move away – for a better job, for a new relationship, to be close to her family. Given that so many changes take place in the transition after divorce, this is not an uncommon scenario.

The law says that a parent in Florida who is seeking to move over 50 miles away for a period longer than 60 days is legally obligated to notify the other parent before doing so. If both parents agree to the move, they are required to file a written agreement with a Florida family court.

When parents are not in agreement about the move, the parent who wishes to move must demonstrate to the court a reason compelling enough that the court agrees it is in the best interest of the children. The courts are strongly in favor of keeping parents and children together. Fathers who are willing to fight have a very good chance of being successful.

A parent who violates the agreements set forth can be held in contempt of court. At Nix Law, P.A., we know that fathers are essential. We are able to level the playing field so that dads get fair consideration in court. We prepare fathers to meet relocation issues with confidence.

Out-Of-State Fathers

If you are moving or are currently living out of state, Nix Law, P.A., can seek modifications to or arrangements for time-sharing agreements that deviate from regular child support guidelines and negotiate alternative alimony agreements in order to compensate for the additional expense associated with travel and other considerations.

Provisions in the parenting plan for transportation methods and approval processes for airlines may also be an option.

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