When A Family Member Needs To Take Temporary Custody Of A Child

There are times when a child needs to temporarily move in with a member of his or her extended family: an aunt, uncle, grandparent, stepparent, or other extended family member. Florida now has a way to do this without the parents giving up their custody rights. This is known as temporary and concurrent custody by an extended family member.

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What Does "Temporary And Concurrent" Child Custody Mean?

Temporary custody means you are giving a member of your extended family temporary custody of your child. This will give your family member the legal right to make decisions concerning your child's medical care, education and other issues while the child is in your custody.

"Concurrent" means that you are not giving up your own rights as a parent. You and your extended family member will have parenting responsibility and decision-making rights at the same time.

Does My Extended Family Member Need Temporary Custody To Care For My Child?

Without a court order that states otherwise, your family member would not have the legal authority to make parenting decisions that would otherwise fall to you as the parent. Obtaining temporary and concurrent child custody through a court order gives your family member the legal right to make decisions for your child.

Your family member needs the consent of both parents to obtain temporary and concurrent custody of your child.

What Are Examples Of Times When A Family Member Needs Temporary Custody?

Here are a few examples of times when a family member may need to take care of your child:

  • You need to be out of the country or the state.
  • You have a serious illness or injury and are unable to care for your child.
  • You are incarcerated.
  • You are dealing with personal problems.

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