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As a consummate daddy's girl, blessed in a two-parent home, I could not imagine growing up without my father's influence and guidance. His support and just being there instilled a confidence in me that allowed me to accomplish my educational and career goals. My experience is the driving force behind my staunch belief that children are better off when both parents play a major role in their lives, especially if the parents are no longer together.

I am Mikaela Nix, a family law attorney in Orlando. Recent changes in Florida law have done away with the unequal concepts of "child custody" and "visitation," and shifted to the concept of equal time-sharing between parents. This is good news for fathers.

In Florida, time-sharing is described in a parenting plan that must be approved before a divorce is final. A parenting plan is a document that describes the agreements between you and your child's mother regarding the care of your child. Time-sharing agreements can be proposed to the judge or imposed by the judge. Nix Law, P.A., assists clients in developing workable parenting plans that are acceptable to the court.

Protecting the rights of unwed fathers: If you are an unmarried father, it is important to contact me as soon as possible to discuss issues such as time-sharing, child support and modifications. Your petition for parenting time is essential to protect your rights. If you fail to petition for parenting time, you will have no right to visit your child and no decision-making input in the major life choices that will impact his or her life.

What Does A Parenting Plan Do?

A parenting plan asks parents to provide a detailed plan describing how responsibilities will be divided between them. A good parenting plan addresses:

  • Time-sharing — describes when your child will spend time with each parent, how holidays and vacation time will be divided, and how your child will be transported
  • Parental responsibility — describes how you and your child's mother will make decisions regarding your child's health, education, religious upbringing, cultural and general welfare, as well as a process to be used when parenting conflicts arise and agreements cannot be reached.
  • Communication — describes how and when you each may communicate with your child; whether you use video, chat or text; and how you and your ex-partner will communicate with each other
  • Alterations — describe how you will agree and communicate when you need to vary from the agreed-upon schedule

The law requires parents to assume time-sharing duties, just as it requires them to respect the agreement. It is a contract, clear and simple. If either of you fail to exercise your time or interfere with the time-sharing agreement, you will be in contempt of court. The court takes its commitment to supporting both parents' active roles in their child's life seriously.

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