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Defending Parental Rights For Fathers

If you are seeking to exercise your rights as a father, it might be essential to establish paternity. While fathers have more rights than ever before in the legal system, there is still a significant bias in favor of mothers when it comes to time sharing (formerly called "visitation") in Florida. Are you a father seeking to establish your right to time sharing with your child? Call 407-674-0849 to schedule a consultation with an Orlando paternity attorney.

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At Nix Law, P.A., we represent fathers in a range of family law matters, defending their rights to time with their children. We are passionate about the importance of the father-child relationship. We are here to fight aggressively for you and walk you through every step of the process to make sure you get adequate parenting time with your child.

Shared Visitation ∙ Time Sharing

In Florida, the law is clear that, in unmarried parental situations, the mother gets 100 percent time sharing. It is up to the father to establish paternity and petition the court for time-sharing rights. When paternity is granted, fathers are able to exercise their time-sharing rights, and they will be responsible for their share of support.

Fathers' Rights And Family Law Solutions

We represent fathers looking to fight for their rights with their children in a range of circumstances, including:

  • Divorce: Many child visitation/time-sharing disputes occur in the context of divorce. We will help you establish your rights as a father with your children.
  • Post-divorce decree modification: It is common for divorce decrees to require modifications after being finalized. Usually this results from some substantial change in circumstances. We can help you petition the court for a decree modification.
  • Unwed fathers: If you are an unwed father, your child's mother will automatically receive 100 percent of the time-sharing rights and sole custody unless we establish your paternity and petition the court for a better arrangement.

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We provide passionate, focused representation dedicated to protecting the rights of fathers throughout central Florida. Call 407-674-0849 or to schedule a consultation with fathers' rights lawyer Mikaela Nix.