Do I Need To Register With The Putative Father Registry?

An increasing number of men have children outside of marriage. Unfortunately, some unmarried fathers miss out on the opportunity to be involved in their child's life because they failed to register with the putative father registry.

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What Is The Putative Father Registry?

Florida law allows unmarried fathers to register as the presumed father of a child by registering with the Putative Father Registry in the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics. Registering as the putative father preserves your right of notice and consent should the mother wish to put the child up for adoption.

You can register as the putative father any time prior to your child's birth.

Why Do I Need To Register As The Putative Father?

Unless you file as the putative father, the mother could place the child up for adoption without your consent or knowledge.

Registering as the putative father does not give you the right to go to the hospital for the delivery, to be listed on the birth record as the father or to give the child your last name. To have the right to see your child after he or she is born, you will need to establish paternity.

As your lawyer, Mikaela Nix will guide you through the legal steps to protect your rights as a father.

For More Information About Paternity And The Putative Father Registry

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