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Stevie J wants primary custody and child support

Florida residents who are fans of the show 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" have probably heard the news about the star of the show Joseline Hernandez's pregnancy. She claims that co-star Stevie J is the father of her unborn child, but there are many skeptics who question the child's paternity. One of those is Stevie J himself.

Though he has doubts that he is the father of Hernandez's baby, Stevie J has reportedly agreed to settle the issue by taking a DNA test. It has been reported that Stevie J will take further actions if the test proves that he is a new father. Stevie J reportedly wants primary custody of the child as well as child support from Hernandez.

Amanda Stanton will now receive less child support

Florida residents who are fans of the reality television show 'Bachelor in Paradise" may be interested in Amanda Stanton's child support and custody disputes. Since Stanton divorced her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio in 2015, Buonfiglio has fought for lower child support payments and more time with his two daughters. Stanton has publicly accused her ex-husband of being unfaithful and leaving all of the childcare responsibilities to her during their marriage.

Buonfiglio recently had a family court victory when his child support payments were reduced by $1,470 per month. The initial child support order required him to pay Stanton $2,000 per month. However, Stanton is now making a lot more than the $100 a year that she claimed to earn when she got her divorce. Court documents revealed that she now earns $13,000 per month for social media posts and fashion blogging.

Actress involved in child custody dispute

Florida residents likely know Lena Headey best for her portrayal of the scheming matriarch Cersei Lannister on HBO's popular television show "Game of Thrones", but they may not be aware that the 43-year-old actress is involved in a contentious child custody dispute. Heady has a 6-year-old son from a marriage that ended in divorce in 2012, and her former husband took legal action after the Emmy-nominated actress enrolled the boy in an English school without consulting him first.

Headey says that she wants her son to be educated in England because she feels that schools in the United Kingdom are superior to those in Los Angeles, and she claims that her former husband initially agreed with and supported the move. However, hopes of an amicable resolution were dashed when the boy's father took legal action, and media reports indicate that Heady was ordered to return the boy to the United States by a California judge on Oct. 26.

Sources say Biel and Timberlake headed for divorce

Florida fans of Justin Timberlake or Jessica Biel might have heard that the two are getting a divorce and preparing for a child custody battle. The divorce has been rumored for some time, and initial reports of a possible split arose after the two were seen not interacting with one another at a public event.

There is also speculation about the reason for the divorce. Some sources report that Timberlake wants Biel to have another child while she wants to return to acting. Others say that Timberlake no longer wishes to have the responsibility of marriage and family. Finally, there are rumors that Timberlake has been unfaithful to Biel. Most recently, reports connected him with his costar from "Troll" Anna Kendrick.

Some psychologists argue for joint child custody

While a bill aimed at making joint physical custody more common in divorced families failed in Florida, shared custody is a growing trend throughout the country, and some states have passed bills that make it the default in divorce cases. Although for decades the approach has been for one parent to have primary custody so that the child has stability, psychologists now believe that barring issues like mental illness or abuse, a child benefits from time with both parents.

According to a study in 2007, children who spent at least 35 percent of their time with each parent were healthier than children who lived with one parent. Another issue is that the parent who does not have custody is seen as more of a fun relative than a parent.

Request made to avoid paying legal bills in custody case

Florida residents may have heard that television host Jamel Bryant has refused to pay the legal bills of his child's mother. The costs are related to a custody and child support dispute the two are having, and a request was made on Aug. 22 to not have to cover those expenses. Bryant says that the child's mother has enough money to cover her own legal costs, and she has not yet submitted any documentation stating how much may be owed.

The child's mother claims that she is paying for the child's expenses while making less than Bryant is while working as an author. However, it has been acknowledged that Bryant did pay support at first but stopped because of alleged harassment. In addition to child support, she is also asking for primary legal and physical custody of the boy as she claims that he has only lived with her since his birth in 2015.

Florida is unlikely to pass shared custody law

Many child psychologists and about 70 percent of the public are in favor of shared custody arrangements for the children of divorcing couples, and 20 states have introduced reforms to their custody laws that reflect these sentiments. However, most experts feel that a shared custody law is unlikely to be adopted in Florida.

A bill that would have made shared custody the standard in the state was passed by the Florida Legislature on March 8, but Gov. Rick Scott subsequently vetoed the proposal because he felt that it contradicted the best interest of the child doctrine that forms the basis of Florida's custody laws. Child custody reform or shared parenting bills have already been signed into law in Missouri, Utah, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Divorce and Olympic goals for children

A Florida family might encounter stress as a child trains in a sport that offers a potential future in the Olympics. If divorce becomes a reality for such a family, the costs of continuing to facilitate that child's Olympic dream could be more challenging. Financially, there may be questions about responsibility for supporting this venture. Further, there could be challenges in accommodating visitation provisions within a parenting plan because of competition schedules.

The financial elements of a child's training, equipment, and competition travel could be challenging if there are limited resources for either parent. If the child is already involved in these endeavors at the time of a divorce, provisions might be included in a child support agreement. If the interest arises later, a portion of the support paid on behalf of a child might be dedicated to this new area of recreation. In dealing with a gifted child's needs, a judge might incorporate training costs and other financial factors into a parenting plan. However, a judge must also take into account the financial and time limitations of a parent who owes support.

The impact of bankruptcy on child support in Florida

Bankruptcy may be used to discharge a variety of debts. Usually, a child support obligation does not go away just because an individual files for it. In fact, filing for bankruptcy may not even offer individuals a stay on making current or future payments. It also does not provide individuals an ability to wipe away any past due payments that are owed to the child's other parent.

However, the need to file for bankruptcy may indicate that there has been a change in a parent's financial status. This may make it possible to have a current order modified. It is important to note that this still does not take away that parent's obligation to pay past due support under the terms of the other order.

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