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Woman receives child support for only 1 twin

Floridians may be interested to learn about a rare legal case that recently happened in New Jersey. A woman had filed a petition for child support in which she named one man. Upon DNA testing, it was revealed that the man had fathered only one of her twins, meaning she was impregnated by two different men.

The judge hearing the case ruled the man she had named in her child support petition would only have the responsibility for paying child support for one twin instead of two. The woman's claim for the other twin was dismissed.

She had reportedly admitted having sex with two different men around the same time but had not named the other man. According to an obstetrician with the University Hospitals McDonald's Women's Hospital in Cleveland, such cases can happen. Sperm can live for up to two days inside of the woman's body, meaning that in rare cases in which a woman releases two eggs instead of one, it is theoretically possible for her to become pregnant by two different men if she sleeps with more than one during the period.

In some cases when a purported father doubts his paternity, he may file a motion to challenge it with the court if he has not acknowledged his paternity in the past and if the child is young. The issue does occasionally arise in some child support cases. A man who receives a child support motion for a child he is unsure is his may want to meet with a family law attorney. An attorney may help their client file motions for genetic testing to determine whether the child is the man's child.

Source: ABC News, "New Jersey Twins Born to Different Dads - So Judge Rules Only 1 Gets Child Support," Gillian Mohney, May 8, 2015

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