Amanda Stanton Will Now Receive Less Child Support

Florida residents who are fans of the reality television show 'Bachelor in Paradise" may be interested in Amanda Stanton's child support and custody disputes. Since Stanton divorced her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio in 2015, Buonfiglio has fought for lower child support payments and more time with his two daughters. Stanton has publicly accused her ex-husband of being unfaithful and leaving all of the childcare responsibilities to her during their marriage.

Buonfiglio recently had a family court victory when his child support payments were reduced by $1,470 per month. The initial child support order required him to pay Stanton $2,000 per month. However, Stanton is now making a lot more than the $100 a year that she claimed to earn when she got her divorce. Court documents revealed that she now earns $13,000 per month for social media posts and fashion blogging.

A court agreed to reduce Buonfiglio's child support payments after seeing evidence of the change in Stanton's income. There are also reports that Buonfiglio has been having financial hardships. Buonfiglio told a news outlet that he feels he has been paying Stanton long enough and she now earns enough money to support herself. He has also claimed that Stanton is harming the children by exposing them to media attention.

A child support order may be modified several times after a divorce. If the recipient parent begins earning a significantly higher income, or the paying parent suffers an adverse financial change such as an unexpected job loss, a judge may recalculate the child support order. An attorney can often assist in the process by preparing and submitting the motion seeking a child support order modification.