Sources Say Biel & Timberlake Headed for Divorce

Florida fans of Justin Timberlake or Jessica Biel might have heard that the two are getting a divorce and preparing for a child custody battle. The divorce has been rumored for some time, and initial reports of a possible split arose after the two were seen not interacting with one another at a public event.

There is also speculation about the reason for the divorce. Some sources report that Timberlake wants Biel to have another child while she wants to return to acting. Others say that Timberlake no longer wishes to have the responsibility of marriage and family. Finally, there are rumors that Timberlake has been unfaithful to Biel. Most recently, reports connected him with his costar from "Troll" Anna Kendrick.

The two have one child together, Sila. It is expected that since both earn a considerable amount of money, there might be a battle over property as well as custody.

In some divorces, a father might be worried about custody rights. He might ask for sole physical and legal custody if he feels the mother is unfit, or he might just want to ensure that he gets to spend half the time with his child. Some judges might favor the mother as the primary caregiver. This may particularly be the case if the child is very young. A father may want to discuss how he might demonstrate his own commitment to caregiving with his attorney. If the child is a little older, then the father could do so with activities such as attending events the child is involved in, going to school conferences, taking the child to medical appointments and helping with homework.

Source: HNGN, "Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel prepare for child custody battle," Carissa Paddayuman, Oct. 10, 2016