Request Made to Avoid Paying Legal Bills in Custody Case

Florida residents may have heard that television host Jamel Bryant has refused to pay the legal bills of his child's mother. The costs are related to a custody and child support dispute the two are having, and a request was made on Aug. 22 to not have to cover those expenses. Bryant says that the child's mother has enough money to cover her own legal costs, and she has not yet submitted any documentation stating how much may be owed.

The child's mother claims that she is paying for the child's expenses while making less than Bryant is while working as an author. However, it has been acknowledged that Bryant did pay support at first but stopped because of alleged harassment. In addition to child support, she is also asking for primary legal and physical custody of the boy as she claims that he has only lived with her since his birth in 2015.

In most cases, both parents are required to financially support their child regardless of who is ordered to pay child support. Support amounts may be determined by how much a parent makes as well as what may be needed to care for the needs of the child. An attorney may help a parent obtain a reasonable child support order from a judge.

If circumstances change, it may be possible to modify an existing order. For instance, if a parent loses a job or becomes a primary caregiver, it may be enough to warrant a new order to be entered into the public record. It is important to note that a current order is generally valid and enforceable until a new one is made, which means it may be worthwhile for a parent to ask for a modification in a timely manner.