Family Law for Men Your Child, Your Legacy

Our focus at Nix Law, P.A. is your children's well being. We believe that your child is your legacy and no one has the right to deny that.

Family Lawyer for Men in Orlando

Putting the "Father" Back in Fatherhood

Nix Law, P.A., focuses on family law from a father's perspective. We understand how it touches your life in a practical, immediate way, and we know how it impacts your life in the long term. When you seek a lawyer to help you with the matters that affect you, you want to know that your representation fits you like a glove. We understand that family law is personal and will go to the mat for you when it counts.

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We listen, advise, strategize, and execute on your behalf to make sure that you're in the position to move forward and stay strong.

A Practice That Focuses on Father’s Rights

We handle a wide variety of legal issues from a father’s perspective. Some of our practice areas include:

  • Fathers' rights: Florida law is changing, and we are poised to be a player in the process of making the laws work better for fathers.
  • Men's divorce: What you need to know to protect your interests during the divorce process.
  • Parenting plans: Time-sharing laws make these essential documents key. You must understand how these work.
  • Sole custody: In the past, some mothers could and obtain sole custody of children easier than some fathers. This is no longer the case in most instances.
  • Paternity/unmarried couples: If you are seeking to exercise your rights as a father, it is essential to first establish paternity.
  • Child support: We can help you understand how this is calculated and disbursed.
  • Alimony: Understanding Florida's alimony law and how it could affect you during divorce.
  • Modifications to orders: When circumstances change, we can help you seek to modify agreements.
  • Temporary and concurrent custody by a family member: There are times when a family member may need to care for your children. We can help establish a sound custody order.
  • Violation of orders: What happens when you find yourself in violation of a child support or visitation order? We can answer this question and protect your rights.
  • Interference of visitation and parental alienation: Our Orlando family law attorney will aggressively defend your rights and ensure your child’s best interests.
  • Relocation and out-of-state fathers: We can help you make this work with creative use of your parenting plan.
  • Domestic violence: Whether you are the victim or accused abuser, we will help you create a sound strategy for your case.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: There are many reasons why you may want to have an agreement. Our lawyer will ensure your agreement is legally sound.
  • Mediation: Mediation can keep you out of a courtroom. Attorney Mikaela Nix is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a family law mediator.
  • Estate planning: Divorce and other family changes can make it necessary to update your will and other estate planning documents.
  • Appeals: We are proud to be champions of fathers' rights in the Florida courtrooms. We will represent you in a family law appeal when you believe a ruling was unjustified. You deserve a fair fight, and we will vigorously and passionately defend your rights in court.

Let Our Skilled Orlando Family Law Attorney for Men Help You

Our firm is primarily focused on establishing and maintaining a father’s parental rights. We can help you ensure legal decisions are in your child’s best interests and provide aggressive legal representation.

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Meet Your Advocate

Calm. Confident. Strategic.
  • Mikaela Nix
  • Mikaela Nix Mikaela Nix
    Mikaela Nix is an Orlando attorney with experience handling Family Law (emphasis on Fathers’ rights). Her aggressive and diligent representation has proven invaluable in making sure her clients know without a doubt that the lawyer advocating for them is committed to advancing their interests.
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The Stories That Matter
  • Direct, professional, informative, transparent, and honest. I am pleased with her and her team.

    “I am very satisfied with the services. From the very first time I spoke to Miss Nix, she has been direct, professional, informative, transparent, and honest. They really do care about the case and getting the best outcome.”

    - Mo H.
  • Quick to respond to emails and phone calls.

    “Attorney Nix was amazing to work with! She met with me several times and she was quick to respond to emails and phone calls. She took the time to listen to my needs and wants when it came to what I wanted in my divorce and custody of my child.”

    - Amelia R.
  • Fathers Matter!

    “She met with my husband and me before the date of court to ensure we, had knowledge of the process on the day of trial. This exemplifies her dedication and passion for the families she counsels every day.”

    - Yolanda R.
  • I really don’t know where I would be without her.

    “She got me through a lot of hard times and I’m glad to have such a courageous person in my life that knows when life gets you down remember you can walk right back up those same stairs and be glorious again.”

    - Jeremy T.
  • Mrs. Nix was always calm, confident, and extremely strategic with her approach to the ups and downs of our case.

    “The situation had been so great that my daughter's mother and I are even able to co-parent on a level that we both have not experienced in a long time. She is now 8 years old so being in the space is really great.”

    - Jarrel M.