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Frozen embryos after divorce

For divorcing parents in Florida, child custody issues can be contentious. However, advances in fertility treatments sometimes make divorce settlements even more complicated. Some couples, faced with possible infertility, choose to create and freeze embryos that they can use to start a family at a future date. One significant difficulty that comes up is when a couple divorces before using the embryos.

R&B singer Chris Brown seeks joint custody of daughter

Fathers in Florida might follow the example of singer Chris Brown, who has begun a fight for joint custody of his daughter. Facing increased requests for child support from the child's mother, Brown has begun the process of making his paternity official. After establishing his paternity rights, he will be able to petition a court to settle his child support disputes.

Shared parenting approach gaining steam

In Florida and around the United States, the shared parenting movement is an approach to child custody determinations that is being promoted by many groups. Shared parenting focuses on the idea that it is in the best interests of children for their divorced parents to share time and responsibilities as equally as possible.

Seeking custody of just one of multiple children

Parents of minor children who go through a divorce in Florida may have family situations that warrant creative solutions. In most cases, all children of the marital union will live with the spouse granted primary custody. Occasionally, as circumstances change, some may wish to live with the other parent instead.

Advocating for Florida fathers in child custody disputes

Though Florida courts have in recent years increased their recognition of fathers' rights, there is still some bias against fathers in some areas of family law. Despite the importance of their roles in their children's lives, men may still have trouble getting shared or sole custody of their children without experienced legal advocates on their side.

The importance of the primary caretaker designation

Determining which parent is the 'primary caretaker" of a child can be an important factor in many custody decisions that are made in Florida during divorce proceedings. When parents are unable to agree on a custody arrangement outside of court, a judge will often give preference to the parent that is found to be the primary caretaker.

Shared parenting in Florida

The custody plan of a child after a divorce in Florida can be decided in a court. The judge can order a visitation arrangement based on the needs of the child and the parents' abilities to care for the child. There are some issues surrounding child custody for both parents to keep in mind. The child can spend an equal amount of time with the father and mother or one parent may have full custody if the judge sees fit.

Courts may be rethinking rights of fathers in custody cases

Although child custody cases are supposed to decide what is in the children's best interests, mothers are often given preferential treatment over fathers. Yet more men are choosing to stay home with kids and more women are going to work. Florida fathers may be interested to learn that due to changing dynamics in the workplace and the home, more dads are demanding equal consideration for custody rights in family law courts.

Stepfather seeks visitation with child he raised from birth

As a stepparent, you likely grow to love your stepchildren. If you divorce the parent of those children, you might find that you still want to be a part of the children's life. In the past, that wasn't readily allowed, but the tides might be turning with regard to de facto parentage with stepparents. Florida residents might like to know about a recent case that might give stepparents some hope for seeing their stepchildren.

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