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Posts tagged "child support"

Halle Berry argues for lower child support payments to her ex

Florida movie fans may recall actress Halle Berry's child custody battle with her ex-boyfriend. Berry was ordered to pay child support to the father of her now 7-year-old daughter. The two parents were back in court on July 14, as Berry is seeking a reduction of her monthly child support payments.

DMX taken into custody on multiple warrants

Florida residents may be interested to know that rapper DMX was taken into custody for failure to pay child support before he was scheduled to perform at Radio City Music Hall. Authorities say that he owed $400,000 in back support and also had an outstanding warrant in White Plains for jumping bail.

Woman receives child support for only 1 twin

Floridians may be interested to learn about a rare legal case that recently happened in New Jersey. A woman had filed a petition for child support in which she named one man. Upon DNA testing, it was revealed that the man had fathered only one of her twins, meaning she was impregnated by two different men.

States resorting to jail to collect child support

Florida and other states grapple with the problem of delinquent child support. Collecting child support helps custodial parents and helps the states by reducing the need for public assistance for parents who depend upon the timely receipt of the court-ordered payments.

Paternity test results vary depending on type

When a child's paternity is in question, parents often turn to a paternity test to establish who is the father of the child. Many people understand that paternity tests are an acceptable method for determining paternity in the Florida legal system. There are two types of paternity testing that can be used to either establish or exclude paternity. Knowing about each type of test might help people facing a paternity issue decide which is appropriate.

Seeking child support from Social Security benefits

In many Florida divorce cases where the couple has children, the parent who is awarded physical custody will be the beneficiary of a child support order to help them provide financially for the child. While some non-custodial parents cannot pay due to their own economic hardships, others just refuse to pay altogether. In some cases, custodial parents may have the option of seeking their child support from the non-custodial parent's other assets, including Social Security.

The many factors in child support collection

Many parents in Florida struggle to receive the child support payments they are due. Research on the reasons parents may not pay child support, and how demographics affect child support payments, turns up some interesting finds and trends. For many parents, getting an award of child support is only half the story. They then enter a seemingly endless process of trying to actually get the funds they are due, and many parents end up never getting paid at all.

The impact of bankruptcy on child support payments

Florida parents who owe child support may face financial challenges that can affect their ability to continue making scheduled payments at times. Bankruptcy is often promoted as a means of finding financial relief from unmanageable debts, but it is important to remember that debts in the nature of support, including child support payments or amounts that are in arrears, are not discharged in bankruptcy. Parents on either side of the issue may be concerned about the implications of bankruptcy in relationship to child support obligations.

Emancipation and other child support issues

Divorced Florida parents need to be cognizant of when child support ends so they aren't surprised when payments stop or extend beyond the child's eighteenth birthday. In most instances, child support ends either when the minor child graduates from high school or turns 18 if they graduate prior to reaching the age of majority. There are other events that might cause child support to terminate early.

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